HistoCloud is a reliable solution for storing, annotating and analyzing digital medical images

High resolution of the whole slide images, choice of the annotation tools for computational analysis

Recording of all the medical cases in the laboratory with the real-time statistics and multilevel search system

Unlimited amount of cases for the same patient for follow up and monitoring of treatment

One medical case includes the whole history of slide images and corresponding clinical information which is important for the diagnosis

Hiding sidemenu with the full information about the medical case, possibility of the creating a report while viewing the image

Providing access to the anonymized medical case to request a "second opinion"

Personal patient account: monitoring of the diagnostic process, sharing a link to the medical case, second opinion request


Increase of the speed and accuracy of the pathology diagnosis

Increased laboratory performance due to remote pathologists work

The possibility of obtaining the "second opinion" from the specialist connected to HistoCloud platform

Remote access to the digital histology slides both for the pathologist and for the patient

Increased laboratory performance due to remote pathologists work


Uploading of the whole slide images to the platform

Unlimited number of records for the same patient

The access for the external specialist for multispecialist consultation and second opinion request

A wide range of tools for computational analysis of the whole slide images

Review of the medical history in the patients personal account